• John Pelkonen

Top Questions to Ask In An Interview

If you get called for either a phone or in-person interview, you want to prepare the same way. Besides researching the company you’ll be meeting with, always have questions in mind. As a plus use a LinkedIn and see if someone you know works at the targeted firm. Otherwise keep these pack of questions in your back pocket:

Top Questions to Ask About In An Interview

1 Ask about Job responsibilities (including career track). What is expected of you? What can you expect of the company?

2. Team hierarchy. What type of employee works well there? What type of industries have successful employees come from?

3. Ask about the 5-10 year roadmap of the company. Where is it going? Expanding? Main competitors.

4. Interviewer – why they joined the company, what they like about it?

5. Interviewer – why do people leave the company? What did they dislike?

6. Feedback – when will next steps be discussed or communicated?

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