• John Pelkonen

Need a New Job? What's next?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Seeking a new position in this job market? Not sure what the next step is?

Networking is the answer. While networking can feel intimidating at first, once you start reaching out to others within or external of your network it will become second nature. Don’t use the pandemic as an excuse not to network — it’s now more important as it has ever been before.

Networking can lead to job leads or to meeting peers in the same industry. These are relationships you can maintain for a lifetime. Get yourself connected to online groups and seek out webinars in line of business.

For students, writing in blogs (displaying your writing abilities and industry thoughts) and using your University/College career services are exceptional way to start networking. Don’t forget reaching out to alumni.

Seasoned workers are used to having set schedules, and your approach to networking can work that way too. Set goals for yourself such as “every day I’m going to make ten new contacts, I’m going to make several comments online.” Become noticed as an expert.

Networking is also invaluable when you receive an invite for an interview. Beforehand check and see which of your contacts already work for said company and try gaining inside information that will benefit you!!!

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