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Is Your Resume Getting You Nowhere?

Steinemann is a one stop shop involved in only thing - helping out the job seeker.


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* Remember, we are professional recruiters-we’ve seen it all!

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Professional Resume Critiques

Attention To Detail

Let us review and provide suggestions for resume, so you can put your best foot forward.

Services include:

  • Detailed critique of resume

  • Turnaround time no more than 48 hours

  • Additional comments (edits, fonts etc.)

  • Length of resume, licenses etc.

One-on-One Interview Consultations

Interview Preparation

Have a personalized phone conversation with one of our professionals that is focused on you, your resume and acing your next interview.

Services include:

  • How to prepare properly

  • Live interview questioning

  • Preparing for behavioral samples

  • Prepping with great questions

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Why a Resume Upgrade

Why Does Your Resume Suck?

Many candidates whether fresh out of college or experienced professionals make numerous mistakes to count on their resume (cv):

  • Spelling errors

  • Education is wrong section of the resume

  • Different font sizes

  • Wrong dates on resumes

  • No introduction or summary paragraph

  • Incorrect past/present tenses

  • Overall confusing and hard to read resumes

You have intense competition for every open position. Consider the following when applying:

  • Employee referrals (recruiters love those)

  • Internal transfers (in large corporation could account to up 40% of filled positions)

  • H-1B transfers (usually much cheaper to hire than their US counterparts)

Steinemann Inc. is here to help you STAND OUT AND BE NOTICED.


My experience with was fast, easy, and professional. I really liked the quick turnaround.  I will not hesitate to recommend to Steinemann in the future.

L. Hogan

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